Sharon’s Dogs

I have always loved animals and have had many pets during my lifetime. As a child I had dogs, a cat or two, a snapper turtle, tadpoles, goldfish, wild birds, and even a squirrel! As an adult I’ve been blessed to have seven horses over the years: Jasper (a bay pony), Olympia (a grey quarter horse/thoroughbred), What A Gem (a grey hunter pony), Camelot aka Arthur (a chestnut thoroughbred hunter), Sunny (a sorrel quarter horse), Kindred Spirit (a grey Swedish Warmblood), and Whisper (a beautiful Cremello palomino quarter horse/thoroughbred).

Presently we live with birds (2 tiny Pacific Parrotlets named Sophie and Chloe) and a dove (named Angel) that my daughter Stephanie hatched from an egg. We also have 6 wonderful dogs, all of which are my daughter’s competition partners. She competes in AKC Dog Agility.  We have three Chinese Cresteds. Lass and Vesper are our Powder Puffs and Dolly is our hairy hairless. We also have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy named Aurora and an English Toy Spaniel puppy I call E.T. Our newest addition is another English Toy Spaniel puppy named Ellie.

baby-aurora-by-stone-wall et-10-weeks-old-in-chair dolly-hairless-and-vesper-powder-puff vesper-with-blue-ribbon lass-profile-cropped et-with-fox baby-aurora-in-sun baby-ellie-in-leather-chair et-and-ellie-in-chair-10-weeks-old 20160701_211144