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Sharon Wells Wagner is an Independent Publisher, Author, and Watercolor Artist.

Sharon is Vice President of Aperture Press, LLC, an independent book publishing and design company, which she co-owns with her son, Steve Wagner. Aperture Press is an Arts Partner located in The GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

She is the author of Red Wells, and co-author of Ordinary Heroes: Untold Stories of World War IIand Forgotten Widow.

In her free time, Sharon’s favorite activity is attending AKC Dog Agility trials with her daughter, a seasoned competitor. She also enjoys watercolor painting, writing books for children, and taking care of her family and pets. Her favorite hobbies include traveling, playing Scrabble, fishing, and target shooting. Deeply spiritual, she loves the outdoors and finds inspiration to write in the natural world around her. She lives in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, Richard.

Please visit the Books page for more information on her books, and the Artwork page for examples of her art and a link to her store.